"As technology advances and understanding of human learning progresses, education models and strategies evolve as well. One of the most exciting developments in teaching and learning in recent years is the growing adoption of the active learning model"

             - Harvard School of Business


Play. Learn. Think. Enhance your skills 🙂

Loonie AK applies the Active Learning method through business games and real or fictional simulation models, providing users with real-world experiences that respond to contemporary business challenges in a pragmatic, structured and effective way. By participating in the challenges that this methodology proposes, participants are exposed to hypothetical situations, being tested not only their knowledge, but also their decisions and behaviors in the face of an imminent situation.

The platform is based on the self-instructional pedagogical model, which aims to transfer predefined knowledge to the sales representative. The materials should be essentially informative, assuming the role of mediating the learning process.

Active Learning content:

i) didactic, interactive and multimedia content, built under pedagogical guidance through participatory methodology, case studies and simulations;

ii) knowledge acquisition testing games, offering more than one hit chance for the user and regressive scoring according to hit / miss;

iii) final assessment, with an overview of the most relevant information.



Gamification, simulation, and a reward are key ingredients to creating engagement.

Launch challenges

Stimulate user’s skills and competencies

Collect individual data and compare performances



It is a more effective learning measurement process than a test.



Points – Set events and triggers to allow real-time tracking and
automatically award your users with points.

Ranks – Set ranks within your leaderboards and reward your
users with significant perks after they reach a certain milestone.

Badges – Boost your users’ participation by rewarding them for
their exceptional performance.







  • Games - tasks, quizzes and board games
  • Simulations - laboratory, workshop or studio work
  • apprenticeship
  • problem-based learning
  • case-based learning
  • project-based learning
  • inquiry-based learning
  • cooperative (work-or community-based) learning





The platform creates meetings and simulators which challenge the users to find solutions and
monitor responses, behavior, and generates customized reports.

Loonie Canada desenha a melhor opção de estudo no Canadá de acordo com os objetivos de cada um.

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